Abstract— In networking, the data came to light from the cloud by translated, transported, and encapsulated in many ways that remain in selfsame format when they invade the cloud. Cloud computing network architecture is too complicated to fulfill the different services such as servers, storage, and applications. Computing in network concept can reduce time, money-saving benefits, and also provide services for both individuals and businesses of hardware and software services and infrastructure. This encourages the customers to outsource their applications and services to the cloud and also share the data from one location to another by using the network concept in cloud computing. .Cloud computing is the provision of computing services over the Internet. In this paper, we will discuss how the network concept in cloud computing is used in mobile phones, institutions, and IOT with the help of the application namely One Drive.

Index Terms – Provision of services; selfsame format; hardware and software infrastructure; customers outsource; IOT; One Drive;


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Govardhini S
Department of Computer Technology
Sri Krishna Arts And Science College, Coimbatore