Abstract— In transmission lines, the stability of the system can be improved by reactive power compensation and it also reduces the transmission line losses. The effective means to control reactive power compensation is done through installing Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS). Optimal placement of these devices is important due to the high cost. One of the most promising FACTS devices for series compensation is Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC). In this paper, a Sensitivity analysis based Complex Power Flow Sensitivity Index (CPSI) proposed to find optimal location of TCSC. The objective function of this paper is to place TCSC inappropriate place so that voltage deviation can be minimized through NR method. MATLAB environment for the IEEE 14-bus system has been used for simulations. The results obtained CPSI by NR-OPF were compared with the Genetic algorithm(GA) and Firefly algorithm(FA).

Index TermsOptimal placement; sensitivity index; Newton Raphson method; TCSC;


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