Abstract– In conventional method three converters are used to regulate the power transfer to the grid. In this work, the operation of an effective power transfer scheme with minimum number of converters is proposed for a grid connected wind & Photo Voltaic (PV) system. In this proposed system, the Distributed generation sources are Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG)-based wind energy conversion system and PV array system. Two voltage source converters with a common DC-link serve as Wind Side Converter (WSC) and Grid Side Converter (GSC) respectively. The PV array is directly tied to the DC link without any power converter providing variable DC-link voltage. The Perturb and Observe technique extracts the maximum power from PV and the DC-link voltage is set to the Maximum Power Point (MPP) voltage of the PV array. The output DC voltage of WSC is regulated to an MPP PV voltage using an outer proportional–integral voltage control loop.  The GSC tracks the maximum power from wind and PV array is an advanced method. A shunt active power filter to compensate for the current unbalance due to the connection of non-linear loads at the grid.

Index TermsWSC, MPP, GSC,Grid Side converter.


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Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, India